Film clips

Domino, Anna Vasof, 2014   Machine, Anna Vasof, 2015   Time Travel, Anna Vasof,  2017   Self-portrait, Anna Vasof, 2016   Dancing with You, Anna Vasof, 2017   Travel to the Window, Anna Vasof, 2015   Trilogy of Leaving, Anna Vasof, 2016    … Read More

Screening notes

Magic Mirror, Sarah Pucill, 2013, 75 mins. Screening notes – Magic Mirror Booklet on Magic Mirror See Sarah Pucill’s website   blue/yellow, Adam Roberts , 1995, 13 mins. Screening notes See Adam Roberts’ website… Read More

Q&A with artists

Q&A with Sarah Pucill After the screening of Magic Mirror (30-09-2015, Cambridge) Sarah Pucill is an artist and Reader based at University of Westminster. Her films and photographs explore a sense of self which is transformative and fluid. At the core of her practice is a concern with mortality and the materiality of the filmmaking process.… Read More